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Grilled Chicken and Mango Salad

Grilled Chicken and Mango Salad /

This Grilled Chicken and Mango Salad is a celebration of salad weather. When the heat is rising and appetite’s are falling, it’s time to eat light, fresh and nutritious meals like this one. In my home, we eat this Grilled Chicken and Mango Salad as a light yet filling lunch / dinner. But, it makes an excellent side dish and even a starter, served with tortilla chips. How to marinate…

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Poultry & Meat/ Recipes

Miso Chicken

Miso Chicken /

This easy Miso Chicken is one of my favourite high protein meals, that I cook quite often for dinner. It is quick, delicious, simple, needs very few ingredients and is light and healthy. I pan fried my Miso Chicken but you can choose to grill or even bake it in the oven. Know your miso An essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine, miso is basically soybean paste fermented with salt and…

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Poultry & Meat/ Recipes

Creamy Chicken Meatballs

Creamy-Chicken-Meatballs /

Creamy Chicken Meatballs –  the name is self explanatory isn’t it? Yet it only partially reveals how succulent, velvety and surprisingly flavour- laden this dish is. All it requires is a few, humble ingredients, but in the gentle heat of the pan they’re coaxed to bloom, and give-up their essences, which come together to make magic in the dish.  How to make soft and juicy chicken meatballs Ground chicken or…

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Murgh Kairi Pulao (Chicken And Raw Mango Pilaf)

Recipe for Kairi Pulao /

The celebration of sour flavours in Hyderabadi food is the inspiration behind the recipe for kairi pulao in this post. The abundance of raw mangoes in summer is used to make sour khatti  (sour) dal, chutneys, pickles, curries, raita, chicken and meat dishes and even a kairi mutton biryani. My recipe for kairi pulao is a lighter, summer-friendly, less spicy version of chicken and raw mango pulao (pilaf). It’s ideal…

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Sukha Chicken

Sukha Chicken /

I should call this post sukha chicken for bachelors because of how easy it is to cook this dish. But plenty of bachelors are great cooks so I’ll just say that this is arguably one of the easiest chicken dishes to make. Perfect for newbies, it is a go-to dish in a pinch or when time’s at a premium. Sukha chicken or dry chicken is simple and yet disproportionately chock…

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Kerala-Style Chicken Ularthiyathu

Chicken Ularthiyathu /

Chicken ularthiyathu (pronounced oo-lar-thi-ya-da) is a semi dry, spicy chicken dish from Kerala. Syrian Christian kitchens all over the state take great pride in their fish and meat dishes. The ularthiyathu style of cooking – slow frying or roasting of meats, that renders them tender while giving them a nice brown char. Beef ularthiyathu is famously cooked for every Christmas feast. No festive table is considered complete without this beloved…

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