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Whole Grain Chocolate Banana Bread

Whole Grain Chocolate Banana Bread /

This recipe for whole grain chocolate banana bread is another step in my learning towards developing, baking and eating more whole grain foods. I don’t always succeed in this and recipes don’t always turn out the way I had visualised them. But every once in a while something works and that joy and satisfaction is what keeps me going further on this journey. Baking with barley flour Barley or jau…

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Appetisers, Soups & Salads/ Recipes

Watermelon Tomato Salad

Watermelon Tomato Salad /

Watermelon tomato salad – cold, crunchy, sweet and somewhat sour with a whisper of spice, what could be better when the mercury is touching 43℃? I’m sure you’ve seen many versions of a watermelon tomato salad, this is my take on this hit summer salad. Pick your tomato A generous tomato harvest prompted me to make this salad. So I used the small, extremely juicy variety of tomatoes that grow…

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Dips, Jams, Chutneys, Relishes and Preserves/ Recipes

Raw Mango Chutney Andhra Style

Raw Mango Chutney Andhra Style/

Raw mangoes are celebrated in Andhra cuisine. Mamidikaya nuvvulu pachadi or raw mango chutney Andhra style is a delicious example of that. A pachadi, in Telugu, refers to a chutney rather than a yoghurt-based dish, typical of the cuisine of Kerala. Sour, green mangoes grow profusely in Andhra Pradesh and are available for quite a few months unlike in North India, where they are seen only in summers. Besides raw mangoes,…

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Recipes/ Seafood

Oven-Grilled Mackerel With Chermoula

Oven-Grilled Mackerel /

On hot days, a serving of  oven-grilled mackerel makes for a light, nutritious meal. One that  doesn’t demand long hours in the kitchen. What makes this dish for me, is the tangy and herbaceous chermoula, generally slathered over the fish. Teamed with a helping of garlic-fried spinach, this plate of oven-grilled mackerel leaves you feeling sated, not stuffed. How to make chermoula Chermoula is a North African marinade/condiment eaten mainly…

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Recipes/ Seafood

Indian Yellow Fish Curry

Indian Yellow Fish Curry /

I’m happy to be finally sharing this Indian yellow fish curry recipe on the blog after life threw my routine off the rails for a few weeks. Now, you would think this to be a yellow fish curry from East Asia, and I wouldn’t blame you. In truth, I don’t know of any specific Indian yellow fish curry recipe, this one is just what I choose to call this curry.…

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Poultry & Meat/ Recipes

Ganth Gobhi Gosht (Kohlrabi Mutton Stew)

Kohlrabi Recipes /

It’s unlikely that the term ‘kohlrabi recipes’ scores among your top searches on Google but I have one for you anyway. The variety and glut of beautiful seasonal vegetables has been inspiring me through the winter. We’re gorging on red and black carrots, peas, methi (fenugreek greens), radishes (both red and white), many leafy greens and of course, kohlrabi or ganth gobhi. This is one of the first kohlrabi recipes…

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Appetisers, Soups & Salads/ Poultry & Meat/ Recipes

Easy Chicken Meatballs

Easy Chicken Meatballs /

My easy chicken meatballs are exactly what they claim to be. They can be assembled and cooked in a jiffy; no special ingredients and techniques required. Everyone loves meatballs –  as finger food with cocktails or wrapped in a tortilla with salsa, or bunged between slices of bread, or slathered with marinara nestled within reams of spaghetti; there are so many ways to eat them. It’s all about the mince…

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Desserts & Sweets/ Recipes

Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Chocolate Strawberry Cake /

A chocolate strawberry cake is always welcome on any table, especially if it’s a flourless cake. Strawberries in India, arrive at the end of the year; a happy coincidence when the mood  and food are both celebratory. At a time when menus are loaded with rich offerings, a skinny yet scrumptious cake is a smart way to cut out a few calories. A flourless, butterless batter There’s no grain flour…

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