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Breakfast/ Recipes

Sorghum Muffins

Sorghum Muffins /

Eggless and Whole Grain Try sorghum muffins to start your day. You could also call it a banana muffin or even a whole wheat muffin. In short, a healthy, delicious low-fat breakfast. Bake it on the weekend and be rid of breakfast worries for the next few days. I’m partial to whole grain recipes and try to incorporate gut-friendly, nutrient-dense whole-grain and flours in my baking wherever I can. This…

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Poultry & Meat/ Recipes

Konkani Chicken Curry

Konkani Chicken Curry /

 I must begin by confessing that my Konkani chicken curry is not based on some age-old recipe created by grannies, and that it may induce some lip curling among experts of Konkani cooking. And for that I apologise. This recipe is inspired by the Konkani style of dry chicken curries which have earned them legions of fans (myself included) who swear by their bright, bold and beautiful flavours. The western…

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Appetisers, Soups & Salads/ Recipes/ Seafood

Tandoori Prawns

Tandoori Prawns /

Tandoori prawns are a surefire crowd pleaser; whether you’re cooking it for just for your family or for a large party. Seafood is delicate, yet the ground spices in the marinade for these tandoori prawns builds a savoury patina of flavour that complements the intrinsic sweetness of the prawns. Now, tandoori dishes – chicken, lamb and seafood must be grilled in a tandoor as the name suggests, but in the…

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Recipes/ Rice, Grains, Noodles & Pasta/ Seafood

Fish Pulao

Fish Pulao /

An everyday fish pulao is a wonderful dish to have in one’s repertoire. It makes a nice change from fried and curried fish. Like many if not most Indian home cooks, I cook from instinct, adding flavours and seasoning without always adhering to recipes and measurements. Cooking over time, one develops a sense of which ingredients complement each other and how much needs to be added to achieve a certain…

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Desserts & Sweets/ Recipes

Jowar Lemon Cookies

Jowar Cookies /

I made jowar cookies because I wanted to try whole grain cookies using some kind of millet flour. These sweet little discs could also go by lemon cookies. Now, traditional baked goods with lemon are always made using butter and all-purpose flour because together they create tender (cakes), crisp (cookies) and light, buttery textures. By making lemon-flavored jowar (sorghum) cookies using oil, my aim was to cut a few calories…

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Dips, Jams, Chutneys, Relishes and Preserves/ Recipes

Guava Pickle

Guava Pickle /

Guava pickle. Yes you read that right. All the regional cuisines of India have such an ancient tradition of pickling and preserving all kinds of vegetables (including vegetable peels), fruits, meats and seafood but rarely do you hear of a hot guava pickle. I knew of green guava chutneys, a sweet North Indian guava pickle (flavoured with fennel, fenugreek and mustard seeds like mango chchunda) and even a Rajasthani amrud…

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Desserts & Sweets/ Recipes

Apple Crumble Cake

Apple Crumble Cake /

I’m currently obsessed with apples. And so, a buttery apple crumble cake follows the post on apple pie. The weather is pleasantly nippy and sweet, crisp apples tumble into my basket (well, almost) every time I’m out grocery shopping. Obviously,I can’t wait to cook with them and fill my home with warm, cinnamon-tinged scents of apples. The apple crumble cake is a rich, butter cake filled with squishy chunks of…

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Desserts & Sweets/ Recipes

Coconut Almond Laddu

Coconut Laddu /

I’m always looking for easy homemade sweets for festivals like Diwali. This coconut laddu fits the bill perfectly. Diwali cleaning, shopping and other prep leaves me little time to make complicated sweets, so this recipe works beautifully for me. Also, people are up to their throats in sweets and rich snacks; and so I believe in keeping what I serve, light both in terms of sugar and fat (ghee in…

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Poultry & Meat/ Recipes

Murgh Rezala

Murgh Rezala /

The murgh rezala is a celebration.Of the happy blend of Bengali and Muslim cooking, of the sophistication of the subcontinent’s food, and of India’s composite culture. A rezala refers essentially to the sauce in which the murgh or chicken is cooked. Food historians estimate that this dish evolved when the descendents of Tipu Sultan were forced to leave their royal abode in Srirangapatna, Karnataka and exiled to Kolkata, Bengal, by…

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