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Hi, I welcome guest posts on my blog from like minded bloggers interested in all things food.

My blog embraces foods from all over the world, with a preference for healthier recipes.  That said, it does not follow fads and here, you will happily find the occasional post on an indulgent favourite.  The idea is to celebrate food. To submit a guest post simply follow the few simple rules listed below and mail me your submission.

Submission Rules

Your post must be between 1000-1500 words long.

Obviously, it must talk about food, which doesn’t necessarily have to focus on a dish or a recipe. But it must be a food-related story.

Every post must be original and thought provoking and previously unpublished, must be accompanied by at least 2 pictures, be grammatically sound and avoid negativity and bad language.

Ultimate editorial control rests with me. I may suggest tweaks or reject a post if it is poorly written or if it reads like a marketing ruse.

At the bottom of the post you can display a short bio and links to your blog/website(s).

Copyrights for posts must belong to the writer and pictures too must be copyrighted to the writer / belong to creative commons/ must have been purchased.

Interested? Email me on to share your ideas for a guest post.