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Millet Mango Coconut Blondies

If you think a healthy dessert is an oxymoron, this post is for you. I’m always looking for mildly sweet, relatively low-cal desserts; probably because I don’t have a hankering for the saccharine. Don’t get me wrong, I savour chocolates and cheesecake as much as the next person but prefer just a kiss of sugar and a smidgen of cream to an overload of both. The mango season is winding…

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Recipes/ Rice, Grains, Noodles & Pasta/ Vegetables

Bean & Barley Veggie Burger

Bean & Barley Veggie Burger

Meaty. That’s how we all like our burgers. Even the veggie burger has to have that deeply savoury, umami quality of meat to be truly satisfying. The challenge of making a flavour-packed veggie burger for my meat-loving boys made me experiment with everything from tofu to a variety of beans and  whole grains. And, in the process I discovered that veggie burgers can be incredibly versatile; even more so than…

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Breakfast/ Recipes

Honey-Roasted Chai-Spiced Breakfast Quinoa

Honey-Roasted Chai-Spiced Breakfast Quinoa /

Consider a warm bowl of spiced breakfast quinoa on a chilly winter morning. It reaches inside you and touches your soul, warmly hugs you and makes you smile at the world. Quinoa,the “gold of the Incas” is all the rage and what they call a ‘pseudocereal’ – a non-grain masquerading as one. A chai-spiced quinoa lightly tumbled in honey is an easy enough recipe to put together in time for…

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Breakfast/ Desserts & Sweets/ Recipes

Gluten-Free Chocolate Beetroot Cake

Gluten-Free Beetroot Chocolate Cake

Baking a healthy cake like my wholesome Gluten-Free Chocolate Beetroot Cake, gives me bone-deep satisfaction. In the last few months, I’ve struggled to perfect the recipe for a gluten-free, xanthum gum-free, light, moist, healthy and unapologetically chocolaty chocolate cake. Past experiments resulted in a few disasters when the cake crumb alternated between sawdust and sand. So, now that I have nailed that dense, intense mouthfeel of a real chocolate cake, (think…

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Recipes/ Seafood

Stir Fried Fresh Anchovies With Coconut

Fresh Anchovies With Coconut

Big fish are overrated if you ask me. The giant tuna, sea bass and kingfish filets and steaks may be meatier but it’s the small fry that score big on taste, nutrition and sustainability. Fish recipes must focus on everyday catch that have traditionally been a vital part of our diet but are largely ignored these days for more expensive, imported, boneless, supermarket fare. This post on Fresh Anchovies With Coconut…

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