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Keema-Stuffed Whole Wheat Buns

Keema Stuffed Whole Wheat Buns /

If you’re seeking a stuffed buns recipe that’s delicious and healthy, you’ve come to the right place. This post is all about a beautiful, domed, whole-wheat bun with juicy, spiced mutton(goat) keema (mince) centre. The bun itself is golden-crusted, and soft with the mild sweetness of whole wheat flour. Bread flour vs regular whole wheat flour In my stuffed buns recipe, I chose to use whole wheat bread flour in…

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Bread/ Breakfast/ Desserts & Sweets

Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Bread

October brings the smell of apples and a hint of winter; all the reason I need to bake a whole wheat apple cinnamon bread. Just like banana bread, this one has apples – little cubes of juicy fruit, not applesauce, not grated apples and not dried apple either. This bread is a little rustic, not the prettiest to look at and I admit, a little challenging to slice when it’s…

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Gluten-Free, Eggless Banana Bread

Gluten-free eggless banana bread / /

A gluten-free banana bread with the goodness of whole grain flours. This Gluten-Free Eggless Banana Bread is made with my very first, homemade gluten-free flour blend. I’m not gluten-free 100 per cent of the time but ever so often, I like to eat a cake, a flatbread, bread or pancake that is satisfying yet light on the tummy. Very often, I’ve found gluten-free flour blends to be merely a combination…

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Appetisers, Soups & Salads/ Bread/ Recipes

Whole Wheat Potato & Rosemary Flatbread

WW Potato & Rosemary Flatbread /

A little rosemary can sing. It transformed the humble flour, salt and potatoes into Whole Wheat Potato And Rosemary Flatbread. Frugal and so fundamental, the flatbread made for clean, elegant eating with a chilled glass of white and warm company. Sometimes it takes so little to feel contentment – for me it was an afternoon of rosemary-scented quiet comfort. …

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Guest Post – 5 Fruits and Vegetables You Can Add To Bread

Banana Bread / / guest post

I’m excited to announce the very first guest post on the blog. Joe Hughes, aka the Village Baker, is an expert in techniques suited to home cooking, and especially baking. His website, provides the latest home-style cooking news, techniques, tricks, and recipes. I hope his article proves handy to all you bread bakers out there. Happy baking! A few additions of veggies and fruits can go a long way in adding additional taste…

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Whole Wheat, Spinach And Tomato Flatbread

Whole Wheat Spinach and Tomato Flatbread

Today’s post on whole wheat flatbread is inspired by the ‘green lady’. I see her almost every Saturday at our local food market. She’s often brushing away truant grains of soil dusting the table under bunches of beetroot; their darkly glistening, purple-veined leaves nudging fat cucumbers jostling for space with fire engine-red peppadews, jars of fresh horseradish, chilli oil and trays of speckled quail eggs. A ready smile rounds off…

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Bread/ Breakfast

Dan Leader’s 4-Hour Baguette

Baking a good loaf of bread, much less a baguette is a challenge at which I’ve failed more than I have succeeded. It is a science, an art and an instinct (I think) that has to be cultivated patiently with hours of practice. It is actually just simple chemistry between flour and yeast but the weather, the quality and consistency of the flour (which varies across brands and countries), the…

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Bread/ Recipes

Four Seed Bread

Sanding down chairs last week, I discovered exquisitely-grained wood beneath layers of paint and decided to keep them unpainted. I also chose to retain weather-beaten wooden beams instead of plastic beams (masquerading as wood), that promised to give my garden benches a low-maintenance makeover. The contractor was disappointed with my choices but thinking about them later, it struck me that in both cases, I chose  the wood for its honesty.…

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