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Mango Kesar Kulfi

Mango Kesar Kulfi /

I cannot let the summer go by without making my Mango Kesar Kulfi. I’m sure you have your own favourite kulfi recipes, but do try this one. It’s easy and a delightful embodiment of everything that is an Indian mango – sweet, fragrant and indulgent. How to make a luxe  kulfi  Traditional kulfi recipes require patiently boiling milk to reduce it to a desired thickness. This is time consuming and…

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Appetisers, Soups & Salads/ Recipes

Black-Eyed Pea (Lobia) Salad

Black-Eyed Pea Lobiya Salad /

Sometimes a simple Black-Eyed Pea Salad is all one needs, when it’s too hot to cook and the body craves freshness. Black-eyed peas (actually a bean), commonly known as lobia, is something most of us have in our larders. Combined with crisp vegetables and a sharp, tangy dressing, they make a satisfying summer dish. This one is as delicious as it is colourful and healthy. How to prepare the ingredients…

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Appetisers, Soups & Salads/ Recipes

Easy Carrot Salad with Tofu

Easy Carrot Salad with Tofu /

My obsession with nutritious summer salads continues with an Easy Carrot Salad with Tofu. This one again is a meal in itself, with a healthy portion of protein accompanied by crunchy vegetables and fat in the form of roasted peanuts. How to keep the salad fresh and crunchy This Easy Carrot Salad with Tofu like many other salads tastes best when the raw ingredients, i.e., the vegetables and herbs are…

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Recipes/ Vegetables

Baghare Baingan

Baghare Baingan /

For a Hyderabadi, Baghare Baingan is many things. It’s the taste of home, a must at parties and celebrations and a dish so uniquely Hyderabadi that along with kachche gosht ki biryani, it has become a culinary symbol of the city. So this post on Baghare Baingan is my (long overdue) homage to the deliciously rich food culture of the city.  How to choose and prepare the eggplants The eggplant,…

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Recipes/ Rice, Grains, Noodles & Pasta/ Vegetables

Vaangi Bhat (Spiced Eggplant Rice)

Vaangi Bhat /

Vaangi Bhat literally means eggplant/aubergine/brinjal rice. And that’s exactly what it is – a dish of eggplant and rice lightly fried with an aromatic and nutty spice mixture. Vaangi bhat belongs to the cuisine of Karnataka in South India. It is an excellent one-dish meal and one of my favourite ways of cooking small, purple eggplants. Choose your eggplant Eggplants come in so many shapes and sizes and it is…

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Dips, Jams, Chutneys, Relishes and Preserves/ Recipes

Carrot Thogayal

Carrot Thogayal /

This carrot thogayal recipe was shared by a dear friend’s mother, who has a vast repertoire of thogayals in her culinary quiver. Thogayal or thuviyal is essentially Tamil for chutney. Thick  and on the drier side, it has similar versions in Kerala known as chammanthi and thokku in Andhra. This particular carrot thogayal is typical of the cuisine of the Iyer community of Palakkad; Tamil brahmins who migrated to this…

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Dips, Jams, Chutneys, Relishes and Preserves/ Recipes

Radish Pachadi

Radish Pachadi /

It’s both delightful and amazing how a humble dish such as this radish pachadi or radish chutney can so dramatically elevate a simple home-style meal of rice and dal. Telugu cuisine, both from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is famed for its pachadis – the word is used for both chutneys (which are generally ground or pulped) and pickles (which usually have chunks of the fruit/vegetable). In this case, the radish…

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Appetisers, Soups & Salads/ Recipes/ Vegetables

Coconut Milk Rasam

Coconut Milk Rasam /

I refuse to call coconut milk rasam mulligatawny soup with coconut milk just because the English (read British) decided to call rasam by that ridiculous if not incorrect name. Rasam or milagu (pepper) tanni (water), a  literal translation from Tamil, according to me, is actually anything but that – pepper and water. Rasam or charu (in Telugu) like this coconut milk rasam has a unique aroma and flavour that comes…

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