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Ganth Gobhi Gosht (Kohlrabi Mutton Stew)

Kohlrabi Recipes /

It’s unlikely that the term ‘kohlrabi recipes’ scores among your top searches on Google but I have one for you anyway. The variety and glut of beautiful seasonal vegetables has been inspiring me through the winter. We’re gorging on red and black carrots, peas, methi (fenugreek greens), radishes (both red and white), many leafy greens and of course, kohlrabi or ganth gobhi. This is one of the first kohlrabi recipes…

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Poultry & Meat/ Recipes

Sukha Chicken

Sukha Chicken /

I should call this post sukha chicken for bachelors because of how easy it is to cook this dish. But plenty of bachelors are great cooks so I’ll just say that this is arguably one of the easiest chicken dishes to make. Perfect for newbies, it is a go-to dish in a pinch or when time’s at a premium. Sukha chicken or dry chicken is simple and yet disproportionately chock…

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Egg Curries/ Recipes

Creamy Cashew Egg Curry

Creamy Cashew Egg Curry /

As egg curry recipes go, this one is not a traditional one since cashew-based lamb/mutton and chicken curries are de rigueur but not egg curries. I saw no reason why a rich, mughlai-style curry such as this could not be paired with eggs. So I tried it. And it turned out really well. Paired with rotis, parathas or any other Indian bread, this creamy cashew egg curry makes for a…

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Recipes/ Seafood

Mustard And Coconut Fish Curry

Mustard and Coconut Fish Curry / www.quiche tell. com

I’ve been cooking fish since I was thirteen or fourteen. Plump, bright-eyed rohu, catla ( both varieties of South Asian carp) and other freshwater fish were staples on our table. I even recall cleaning and gutting them without feeling squeamish. Cooking fish these days normally involves sea fish, as  my kitchen moves with my husband’s job from one coastal city to another. This most recent relocation has brought me back…

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