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Creamy Cashew Egg Curry

Creamy Cashew Egg Curry /

As egg curry recipes go, this one is not a traditional one since cashew-based lamb/mutton and chicken curries are de rigueur but not egg curries. I saw no reason why a rich, mughlai-style curry such as this could not be paired with eggs. So I tried it. And it turned out really well. Paired with rotis, parathas or any other Indian bread, this creamy cashew egg curry makes for a…

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Shakshuka – rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn’t it? There’s much to relish in the name as well as in the dish – softly set eggs nesting in a saucy, savoury-sweet nest with a smidgen of heat .Originally from Tunisia, but popular all over North and West Africa as well as some parts of the Middle East, this breakfast dish has caught the fancy of the world. You’ll find many…

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