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Applesauce Loaf

Applesauce Loaf /

When life gives you apples, bake an applesauce loaf. That’s what I did when my fridge was inundated with juicy, red fruit. It’s the cold season and I have a hankering for spiced treats, both sweet and savoury. This applesauce loaf is a rustic,farmhouse-style bake and is wonderful for breakfast,warmed with a pat of butter accompanied by a steaming mug of coffee.  How to make the applesauce Making applesauce is…

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Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Bread

October brings the smell of apples and a hint of winter; all the reason I need to bake a whole wheat apple cinnamon bread. Just like banana bread, this one has apples – little cubes of juicy fruit, not applesauce, not grated apples and not dried apple either. This bread is a little rustic, not the prettiest to look at and I admit, a little challenging to slice when it’s…

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