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Thandai Kulfi

Thandai Kulfi /

Holi is around the corner. And it’s time for thandai. It’s also time for kulfi. Spring is almost done and the door to summer has been opened. Daytime temperatures in many parts of the country are in their mid 30s (Celsius of course) and threaten every day to take off from the edge and soar into the sun. So thandai, kulfi and all other cooling concoctions are more than welcome.…

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Desserts & Sweets/ Recipes

Custard Apple Kulfi

Custard Apple Kulfi /

This custard apple kulfi is a riff on custard apple ice cream  made by one of my favourite ice cream brands. If imitation is the best form of flattery, then I plead guilty. My weakness for soft, creamy, and fragrant eggshell-white charms of custard apple ice cream gave me the idea of bringing these flavours to a kulfi. A velvetty, custardy frozen dessert, traditionally flavoured with saffron and and cardamom,…

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